Awards and Trophies

From the office to the playing field, recognition is a vital part of teambuilding. Let your team know just how much they mean to you by recognizing their achievements, successes, and jobs well done. Studies show that tangible awards like trophies, plaques, medals, and other personalized “winner” gifts are far more effective than either verbal “thank you’s” or monetary gifts in expressing gratitude.

They work hard. Show them you notice. Recognize and reward their efforts with customized awards and trophies they’ll be proud to display.


Hedge Funds Care Russ Miron Engraved On Rosewood Piano Finish Plaque

Corporate Plaques

Reward Success

Recognize the people who have contributed to the success of the team.

Accuracy Program Tonya Waldner Engraved on a Blue Aurora Acrylic Award

Acrylic & Glass Awards

Acrylic & Glass Awards

Recognize high achievement with these elegant and affordable awards.


Personalized Gifts

Unique and Personal Gifts

Preserve or make a memory with personalized gifts and awards for every occasion.


Traditional Trophies

Quality Awards for Every Budget

Participation awards make each player feel like a valued member of the team; recognition adds confidence and spreads good will.


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Why Choose Us

At Successful Signs and Awards we understand the power of Awards and Trophies in motivating employees.  Recognition is important because it sends a powerful message that the recipient is important.  It says the organization cares about good performance.  Awards play a big part in stimulating good performance by encouraging healthy competition throughout all walks of life.  Competition promotes growth in business, in sports, in school and in lifestyle. Select from our wide range of Quality Awards for Every Budget to recognize and reward the efforts of your team.